Far Lane

At FAR Lane, we wear many hats; economist, strategist, consultant, innovator.

Our team of versatile and talented professionals combine years of expertise in the fields of regional development, spatial economics, economic development, and corporate strategy.

Fun and a little bit irreverent, we thrive in collaborative environments, where we work side by side with our clients to produce tangible outcomes for every project.

Kaitlyn Scannell, Director, co-founder

Kaitlyn is a self-confessed data nerd. She has 9-years of experience across consulting, not-for-profit and public sectors, with a powerful reputation as an analyst whose insights shape public and corporate strategy, policy, and major investment decisions. She brings an unparalleled intellectual rigor to her work that is reflected in the trust that clients place in her findings. She is constantly developing her skills and knowledge, setting the bar for tomorrow's industry best practice. Kaitlyn loves baking, dancing and assembling IKEA furniture; but hates writing about herself in the third person.

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Jason McFarlane Jason McFarlane, Director, co-founder

Jason is a surfer, strategist, economist and struggling vege gardener. He has over 15 years experience driving positive change in the not-for-profit, government and private sectors. Jason's diverse background ranges from managing multicultural teams in South-East Asia, to consulting on many of the key strategic projects that define Western Australia as a modern, vibrant community. He balances pragmatism with an unapologetically strategic view, engaging with the 'big hairy problems' that others may prefer to avoid.

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