Our Work

Recent examples of our work to plan for, influence, and drive positive change include:


Greater Geraldton Investment Showcase (City of Greater Geraldton/Mid West Development Commission)

The Greater Geraldton Investment Showcase sought to link a range of investment-ready Mid West ventures (from start-ups through to complex public private partnerships) with a diverse range of local, national and international investors.  The event, held in Geraldton, was the culmination of two months of intensive consultation, project management and engagement by FAR Lane (project lead), and project partners Pollinators, 32 Degrees South and GCP Capital. The outcome was a powerful event that forged a range of relationships between regional ventures, stakeholders and the investment community, with ongoing activity being undertaken across areas including natural resource management, social enterprise and tourism.

What a great event, giving entrepreneurs in the region a chance to progress on their ventures and see it for the bigger picture that it is
— Venture Participant
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Wembley  Site Services Cost Benefit Analysis (MercyCare)

The MercyCare Wembley Site Service Strategy Cost Benefit Analysis sought to provide the organisation with greater clarity over market demands and financial implications of the development of assets in alignment with an identified development scenario. The work informed discussion as to trade-offs associated with different elements of infrastructure and servicing, with MercyCare able to test high-level financial impacts against the organisation’s strategic objectives.  

The work resulted in MercyCare revisiting significant elements of their identified preferred scenario to ensure financial viability and alignment with the organisation's mission.

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Regional Innovation Strategy Addendum (OGCIO)

FAR Lane, as part of the Meshpoints team, was commissioned by the Office of Government Chief Information Officer to draft a strategy for growing innovation in Western Australia’s regions. This piece of work was prepared as an addendum to the recently published State Innovation Strategy, and built on other relevant strategies and documents. The preparation of the Addendum required targeted consultation with regional innovation stakeholders and related agencies, with the document seeking to deliver a consensus view of what priorities exist in support innovation in the regions.

The  Addendum provided a framework to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in communities where access to such services may be limited.  It also sought to ensure the frame for innovation was focused on delivery of economic development outcomes including job creation within target communities.

Other recent projects in which FAR Lane has been involved include:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Regional New Industries Fund Strategic Advice to Proponents and Panel (Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development)

  • Eco-Tourism Incubator Operational Plan (Mid West Development Commission)

  • Regional Innovation Network Funding Application (Meshpoints)

Strategic Facilitation

  • Review of Employment Strategy (City of Wanneroo)

  • Destination Marketing Strategy Facilitation (Rottnest Island Authority)

  • Board Strategic Planning Facilitation (Perth Regional Tourism Organisation)

  • Facilitation of Focus Groups for Positive Ageing Plan (City of Subiaco)

Business Cases and Impact Analysis

  • Christmas Island Economic Impact Assessment (Phosphate Resources Limited)

  • North West Aboriginal Housing Fund Impact Assessment Tool (Department of Communities)

  • Cost of Living Impact Assessment (Department of Communities)

  • Tourism Infrastructure Cost Benefit Analysis (City of Greater Geraldton)

  • Airport Impact Assessment (Shell)

  • Piesse Lake Land Transaction Business Case (Shire of Katanning)

  • Ravenswood Recreation Impact Assessment (Shire of Murray)

  • Claisebrook Economic Impact Assessment (R-Point Properties)

  • Trans Access Rd Impact Analysis (City of Kalgoorlie Boulder)

Economic Development Strategy and Analysis

  • East Wanneroo Economic Development Strategy (Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage)

  • Economic Development Plan (Iluka)

  • Bassendean Economic Overview (Town of Bassendean)

  • Town of Bassendean Economic Development Strategy (Town of Bassendean)

  • Employment Lands Study (City of Wanneroo)

  • Agri-Precinct Planning Study (City of Wanneroo)

  • Tourism Land Use Study (City of Wanneroo)

  • Regional Cluster Mapping (Landcorp)

Land-Use Economics

  • Yanchep Lagoon Masterplan Economic Positioning (City of Wanneroo)

  • North Stoneville Local Commercial Strategy (Satterley)

  • Brockman Park Aged Care Structure Plan (Shire of Carnarvon)

  • Anketell Rd Retail Assessment (Oumars Meshgin)

  • Capel Land Use Analysis (Northstar)

  • Landsdale Medical Needs Analysis (Dynamic Planning and Developments)