Fortune favours the brave, bold and well prepared

It is how we respond to change that determines future prosperity, sustainability and resilience. That’s why Far Lane partners with communities, enterprises and agencies to build the relationships, structures and systems required to thrive in times of disruptive change


The world is changing at an ever quickening pace. The consequences are unpredictable and dramatic. Every sphere of life is being disrupted - from the ways in which we consume goods and services, to the manner in which export industry operates. This can represent an opportunity or threat to jobs, relationships, institutions, environments, and even life expectancy.


Communities, enterprises and agencies that invest in strategies, relationships and systems that flourish in this environment will survive and thrive. Those that do not will not.


Far Lane partners with those who are being impacted upon by, or who are seeking disruptive change. Our partners:

  • Honestly examine their circumstances;
  • Boldly own, plan and drive targeted responses; and
  • Develop and build momentum through sustained effort.

We support these change-makers by:

  • Building strong, lasting relationships with clients;
  • Developing rigorous evidence-based analytics to inform decision making;
  • Designing targeted, robust and realistic frameworks to implement actions; and
  • Developing communication tools and materials to achieve buy-in, and build and sustain momentum.

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