Road Testing Power BI - Regional Centre Employment Model

On the 3rd Feb, Microsoft released the Power BI “publish to web” capability in preview. This new functionality allows analysts to publish models to the web with a single click of a button.

Given Jason’s recent focus on regional centres, we decided to build a basic dashboard to explore the characteristics of employed residents in each region of Western Australia. We hope that this may be of interest both to general purveyors of data, but also to those currently embedded the regional centres planning process being undertaken in Western Australia. Please feel free use and break the model as you see fit. I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions for further topics of interest.

We think that this platform has a great deal of potential to better inform decision-makers by facilitating self discovery through an intuitive interface.  

This sample model explores interrelationships between the age of residents, the types of industries that they are employed in, and the types of roles that they play within these industries.  This allows decision-makers to identify specific population cohorts that may be of interest, and develop targeted specific initiatives to attract or retain these groups.

Big Hairy Prediction:

Historically analysts have been required to spend a disproportionate amount of time reporting data. The ubiquitousness of reporting solutions such as Power BI and Tableau will free analysts to devote more time to analysis and solution design.