Far Lane Manifesto

We are proud to launch Far Lane, an enterprise, which we believe will make a lasting difference to the prosperity, productivity and happiness of communities throughout Australia.

Far Lane partners to build the relationships, structures and systems required for communities, enterprises and agencies to thrive in times of disruptive change.

We support those who are being impacted by change outside of their control, and work tirelessly with those who want to create a wave of change of their own.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our work, drawing from fields including economics, demographics, business, strategic foresight, social psychology, finance and engineering to provide tangible, meaningful and practical advice and support to our clients.

We are:

  • Change agents – supporting those that wish to bring about positive change;
  • Consensus builders – working within teams and stakeholders to build a common vision of what is possible;
  • Evidence based – building frameworks for decision-making based upon the best possible evidence available;
  • Honest brokers – providing insights based upon where the evidence takes us, rather than what is easy or popular;
  • Immersive – working for the long haul to set our clients up for success; and
  • Global scanners, local enactors – utilising the best evidence from around the world and applying it to a unique local context.

Far Lane works with clients who want action. We love helping those who unashamedly gun for the best possible outcome rather than a safe product that will gather dust on a shelf. We can’t wait to embrace disruption with you….